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At Texas Beefhouse we give you the ability to customize your order. If you're interested in ordering please fill out this quote form and a representative will be in contact with you shortly with pricing details and more information.

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Hind Quarter

Check what you'd like:
 Round Steak (tenderized)  
 Sirloin Steak (choose thickness)    1in    1.5in    1.75in  
 T-bone Steak (choose thickness)    1in    1.5in    1.75in  
 OR New York Strip Steak (choose thickness)    1in    1.5in    1.75in  
 London Broil
 Tri-Tip Steak
 Filet (choose thickness)    1in    1.5in    1.75in  
 Skirt Steak (fajita meat)    Rump Roast   
 Gourmet Hamburger (choose fat content)    Lean    Add Fat  
 Pikes Peak Roast OR    Beef Tips / Stew Meat   

Front Quarter

Check what you'd like:
 Rib Eye Steak   
 Flat Iron Steak   
 Chuck Roast,      Chuck Tender   or     Chuck Steak (Wagyu ONLY)  
 Brisket - Leave Whole  or     Brisket - Cut in Half  


Check what you'd like:
 Liver    Heart    Tongue    Soup Bones    Ox Tail  

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